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English Consultancy offers personal advice on English language learning and will help you to identify and achieve your goals, following a carefully planned personal curriculum. All consultancy is done by an experienced and highly qualified English language professional, Richard Twigg, who specialises in IELTS (International English Language Testing System) coaching, for both test takers and teachers.



Richard Twigg

English Language Expert

Richard started teaching in 1981 as an Officer Instructor in the South African Defence Force. In 1998 he attended Huddersfield University in the United Kingdom where he obtained his Cert Ed (Further Education) after which he taught in the Hospitality and Leisure department at York College. In 2005 he decided to move to Malta and prior to this move he took the CELTA in York and two years later he passed the Delta in Malta. 


Richard has been a teacher, director of studies, teacher trainer and IELTS Test Centre administrator for International House in both Malta and Milan. In addition he is a presenter for both Cambridge Assessment English and Macmillan Education. 


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Academic Director/

Director of Studies

During his time as an academic director/director of studies, Richard was responsible for managing teachers, preparing for and taking part in International House World Organisation quality inspections. He also observed teachers and provided support and guidance post lesson observation or when requested by teachers


IELTS Test Centre Administrator

Richard set up and ran the first IDP IELTS test centre in Italy and the first CD IELTS test centre in Europe. During his time as TCA he managed both writing and speaking examiners as well as listening and reading clerical markers. Richard has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the IELTS tests and the quality procedures which underpin the test. Richard wrote a delivered a 2-hour IELTS tips seminar which covers all the main tips and things to be aware of when taking the test. 


Experienced Presenter

Richard has presented on behalf of both Cambridge Assessment English and Macmillan Education. In addition he managed and organised the Annual Teachers Conference for IH Milan for 5 years. He has also presented at the IH Milan Annual conference and he presented at the IH Jesi|Ancona conference where Adrian Underhill was also a presenter


English Teacher

Richard has taught a range of nationalities and levels in the UK, Malta and Italy. He is an experienced Business English teacher and Business English Teacher Trainer. In Malta he also taught medical English to Kuwaiti Medical Students


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