Award in Advanced EFL Teaching Skills

Alan Marsh and Richard Twigg have teamed up to create a new level 5 award, awaiting accreditation by the MFHEA/NCFHE. This course is aimed at teachers who have completed their TEFL, CELTA or CertTESOL qualifications and are looking to further their teaching and Ed Tech skills. This is the first of 3 modules, each one worth 5 ECT credits, delivered via Zoom over a period of 12 weeks per module. The course is designed to help teachers master some easy-to-use and really effective learning apps and also widens their knowledge and teaching skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing as well as grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and discourse. The increased knowledge and skills gained from this course will clearly give teachers an edge in the current employment market.

Module 1

An introduction to EduTech, Second Language Acquisition and creative grammar teaching methodologies

Unit overview

This unit will lay the foundations for the other units. Participants will be introduced to educational technology and how it can be used in both online and face to face teaching. Participants will investigate the ways in which grammar can be taught while at the same time upgrading their own knowledge of grammar and EFL teaching methodologies